The Styles You Must Have To Learn In Swimming



The Styles You Must Have To Learn In Swimming

Swimming can be defined as a sport or activity which involves using your arms and legs to move through water.

Swimming has a lot of unique impressive styles which a person had to look up and learn them.

The unique basic styles of swimming include:

1. Free style

2. Butterfly Stroke

3. Front Crawl

4. Breast Stroke

1. Free style: is the act of performing swimming activity using any style or stroke. It is the best for those who are learning how to swim.

2. Butterfly Stroke: is the type of swimming which is perform where the both arms are lifted at the same time above and over the head while both feet are kicked up and down moving the body forward. This stroke requires a high degree of stamina and strength.

3. Front Crawl: is the act of performing swimming activity where the both arms and legs are used alternatively to move the body regularly forward. It requires tje swimmer to move face down through the water, breathing after every two or three strokes by turning the head up through the surface.

4. Breast Stroke is the act performing swimming activity in the way that both arms are continuously stretched and pulled back together in a circular motion, while the legs are pulled forward and backward regularly to move the body forward.


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