The Meaning And Concept Of Process In Computer

Process in the computer

Process in the computer

The Meaning And Concept Of Process In Computer

A Program In The Execution Is Called A Process…..

A Process Is An Active Entity as opposed program which is considered to be a passive entity.

Attribute held by process include hardware, memory, CPU etc.

A process is more than a program code.

Process memory is divided into four sections for efficient working.

The text section is made of the compiled program code, read in from non-volatile storage when the program is launched the data section is made up the global and static variables, allocated, and initialized prior executing the main.

Process in the computer

The heap is used for the dynamic memory allocation, and is managed to delete, free, etc.

There are also several definitions of the term process, including:

. Program In Execution

. The entity that can be assigned to and executed on a processor

. An instance of a program running on a computer

. Unit of activity characterized by the Execution of a sequence of instructions of an associated set of system resources.

A process could also be an entity that consists of a number of elements.

Two essential elements of a process are “program code” which may be shared with other processes that are executing the same program.

And a set of data associated with code. By code it usually refers to the executing entity as a process. At any giving point in time, while the program is executing, the process can be uniquely characterized by a number of elements, including the following:



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