Reason For Arresting And Banning The Fans Who Insulted Lukaku 


Reason For Arresting And Banning The Fans Who Insulted Lukaku

177 Juventus fans were arrested for being racist.

The police in the Italian city of Turin said that 177 Juventus fans have been fined and banned because they said bad things about the player Romelu Lukaku.

After the two teams tied 1-1 in the first match of the Italian Copa this season, the Inter Milan player was disrespected and yelled at during the Copa Italia semi-final match against Juventus on April 4.

In a statement from the police, they didn’t say how long the fans were banned or how much they were fined, but one day after the game, the Italian Football Federation asked that a section of the Juventus field be closed because that’s where Lukaku was most insulted and insulted.

Lukaku was banned for one game at first after getting a red card in the game. He also got two warnings, and the second one was because he went up to the Juventus fans and put his finger on his lips, which got him a yellow card and got him fired.

Lukaku’s red card was later overturned, so he was able to play in the second game of the Copa Italia match against Juventus on Wednesday.


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