Means of cyber crime

Means of cyber crime

Means Of Cybercrime

The US being the dominant figure in this respect suffered most from the cyber crimes. The 21 century computer age had left no where untouched by it’s cyber crime.

The growing technological innovation had revolutionalized the entire world in various aspect of human endeavour, the field of information technology was not akan exception. It brought about information revolution where computers are now use to ease communication processes thereby bringing the world into the global village through the use of internet.

This development however came along with it negative effect as it has been use as an instruments to further ill*gal ends, such as committing frauds, child trff**king st*aling identities etc. These are considered computer crime or cyber crime.

Cyber Crime is obviously the use of digital computer to triggered already existing criminal activities.

In essence, much criminal activities like trafficking, violation of someone privacy, phonology etc are already in place the “cyber prefix” but the computer age has extended the processes.

Most Cyber crime is an attack on information about individuals, cooperation or government, this attack do not take place on physical body, rather do take place on the personal or corporate virtue body which is the best set of information attributes that define people and institution on the internet. We have bundle of numbers and Identifiers in multiple computers database own by Government and corporations.

Cyber crimes highlight the centrality of networked computer in our life as well as fragility of such seemingly solid facts as individual identity.
Cyber crimes ranges across spectrum of activities.

For e.g, it involves fundamental breaches of personal or corporate privacy like assault on integrity or information held in digital repositories and the use of illegally obtained digital information to black mail a firm or individual.


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