Lil Baby Gifts Jayda Cheaves A Flashy Rolls Royce In Honour Of The Holidays


Lil Baby Gifts Jayda Cheaves A Flashy Rolls Royce In Honour Of The Holidays…..

Baby seems to be making a tradition of buying new whips for JaydaWayda.

Of the many controversial relationships that exist in the world of rap, Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves undeniably have one of the most interesting ones. While they’re not currently an item (in fact, the “Pure Cocaine” hitmaker is rumoured to be involved with Saweetie at the moment), Baby still made sure to take care of the mother of his child, as he does every year when the holidays roll around.

When opening her gifts from her baby daddy this year, Jayda was ecstatic to find not just one, but two Chanel bags, as well as the keys to a brand new Rolls Royce. “I MEAN BOTH BAGS ARE FIRE,” she wrote on her Instagram story earlier today. “BUT AM I DREAMING RN. THE KEY b*tchhhhhhhh,” she gushed, clearly ecstatic over what she received.

On her feed, the influencer posed in matching pyjamas with the couple’s child, hugging him tightly in front of the luxury car with a flashy red bow placed on top of it. “Merry Christmas to meeeeee” the 24-year-old captioned the snapshot.

The Shade Room has reposted the pictures, along with a video from a friend’s story that shows Jayda examining the vehicle’s gorgeous red interior, the excitement evident in her expression. In the comment section, viewers couldn’t help but comment on how evident it is that Lil Baby cares for his baby mama, even though he has a history of doing her dirty.

“BABY LOVE HIM SOME JAYDA,” one user responded. Others added “mannn when, I can trade in my baby daddies! I hate it here,” and “together or not, Baby gone show out every time!”

In a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked, the mother of one opened up about whether she would consider reconciling with her ex or not, saying, “It’s just a lot of damage as far as what has been done on social media, so once we can get over that part, I feel like maybe we could rekindle and rebuild another relationship. But as far as right now, it’s so much damage publicly to just put a band-aid over something and say, ‘Ok, let’s just get back together. No.”

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