How Does VTU Website Work In Nigeria


How Does VTU Website Work In Nigeria

What is vtu website?

A vtu website is a web application use in buying and selling of data, airtime, cable subscription, and bill payment. More over, in some vtu sites you will find a features like selling exam pins(waec, neco, jamb etc). Functions like airtime to cash is a process of converting airtime from sim card to normal money that is kept in bank account digitally.

What do i need to start vtu website?

like any  other kind of websites and blogs, vtu site have it own requirement aswell. Apart from the general requirement that any website may need such as buying domain name, hosting account, and hiring a developer to design or develop the site it self, you will need some additional tools and capital to get started.

Tools include having monnify account or flutterwave/paystack which will be integrated as a payment method for users to fund their wallet. Manual funding is also putting into consideration incase if something may wrong with the automated method of payment. But for manual funding you will not need something special, but your account number from any bank you wish to use.

How does vtu website work?

A vtu website in nigeria is working in different ways depending on the packages your website is design on, there are four types of websites according to what we learn from experiences, these include:

An affiliate website:

This type of website is commonly provided under a specific big website mostly by the vendors. The purpose of ab affiliate website is to offer a single api service to api users under the website they have registered. Any body that have opt in to the affiliate website is limited to trade under a single website and will lack a full features and privileges on the site. Affiliated website will only work with the specific website they were build for unlike the client website which may contain one or more api on it.

This is the small website that is design to work under other websites with the aid of APIs, an admin will have a previlege to integrated an api from other vendors sites so as to sell under them. Most of these websites comes with one or more API integration,or even custom field to integrate any kind of vtu site that provide api functionality. Some client websites offers API services as stand alone websites did, while some did not. You need a small capital of 5000 and above to start with client site depending of the number of users you have and level of transaction they are doing on your website.

This is another type of website that is bigger than a client site, a simhosting is a process by which a vtu vendor will subscribe to a special data plan on his sim cards and connect them to his website in order to sell directly without connecting to other websites using api. This sim card data subscriptions comes in bulk unlike the normal subscriptions we did on our sim cards to surf the internet. Data subscription for simhosting require a profit of about 500,000 to 50,000,000 and above to subscribe to all available data packages of all networks in Nigeria such as MTN Nigeria, AIRTEL  Nigeria, Etisalat Nigeria, GLO Nigeria and Smile. The simhosting process also require additional web application which is a dependent project. As a result, many simhosting websites use third party web app to host their sims and connect them to their own sites using API. These process also require additional amount of money to spend. The vtu sites that offer simhosting services include Smeplug, Msplug, Ussd sim hosting, Sim hostingng, etc. After connecting your sim cards for data vending, there is an additional features that need another API connection, these services include Airtime, cable subscription, and bill payment. Exam pins such as WAEC, NECO, and Jamb also included in this service. 90% of nigeria vtu sites connect these services from Vtpass which is consider as number one in such kind os services in Nigeria.

All in one website: These type of website sound as the name apply. It is a type of website that include the services found in client area and simhosting website. From the admin area there are some features such as APIs integrations and simhosting together with vtpass integration. While from the users dashboard there is all needed features including API service to allow other users with client site to connect and serve customers using their API.
How does users funded their wallet in website?

Like any other website that support wallet funding and payment processing, vtu site allow it’s users to fund their wallet inorder to to perform transactions on their dashboard, the wallet funding process mostly use in vtu sites is monnify. The monnfy allow users to funded their wallet on website by generating an account number to them so that they will be sending money to that account number as they sent to any bank account and their money will appear in their  wallet instantly, this is a process call automated funding of account.

Apart from this methods there are also payment with card that an admin can offer to his users through flutterwave or paystack integration which allow users to funded their wallet using atm card.

Finally if all the above methods are not available, then manual funding will be the last option that admin can offer to his users by displaying an account number to which users may send money and upload the payment proof from their profile which the site owner will see from his amin area and approve it by crediting user walled with correspondent amount they have sent.

Is There A VTU Site WordPress Plugin?

Yes a website like vtupress offer a  vtu site wordpress plugin to enable wordpress users enjoy the the vtu business in easy steps. These wordpress plugin will allow a user to integrate api of different websites and even simhosting aswell. It also support automated wallet funding as in website script.

Some users are not having interest in using website wordpress plugin because they see it with less security than the web application it self, and we also recommend using the web app from a well equip developers that have security measures in mind while designing a website. You can contact us contact us anytime if you have questions.

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