In Soulja Boy‘s world, he’s the first rapper to exist. Over the past few years, he’s been incredibly vocal about the innovations he brought to the game, and won’t allow any rapper to say otherwise. That also extends to his ability to discover new music. Soulja Boy frequently has his ear to the streets and has worked with plenty of the superstars of today before they blew up.During his latest appearance on Instagram Live, Soulja Boy called out a slew of artists who he feels have switched up on him since the fame, namely Lil Durk and Migos. “I always work with a new artist before they pop off. Look at me and Migos,” he said before listing off artists like Rich The Kid, Lil B, Riff Raff, and more. Eventually, he got to Chief Keef and Lil Durk, reiterating that he’s always the first to show love to the new artists in the game. “Look at me and Lil Durk. I was on Durk’s first mixtape. Look at me and Chief Keef,” he continued.Via

lil durk

“I do songs with all these n***as before they get famous but when they get famous, I can’t even get a song from these n***as no more. That’s crazy but when y’all n***as was in the hood and ain’t nobody know who the f**k y’all was, I was doing songs with y’all n**as,” he said.

He did show love to Chief Keef and Rich The Kid for continuing to work with him even after they landed their major label deals.

Check the full clip below.