Ent. News: Karrine Steffans Said “I Always Recalls Dating Lil Wayne And Bow Wow While Married”

Lil Wayne And Bow Wow

Lil Wayne And Bow Wow

Karrine Steffans Said “I Always Recalls Dating Lil Wayne And Bow Wow While Married”

She claims her husband was okay with the arrangement and when she’d return home after days away, he would welcome her with open arms.

She branded her name in Hip Hop and pop culture infamy when she touted her “Superhead” antics and Karrine Steffans’s history is being revisited once again. She made millions from sharing her alleged sexcapades stories that she has claimed involved Ja Rule, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Usher, Diddy, and more. Steffans visited the Good Moms Bad Choices where she reflected on a time when she was married while allegedly dating Bow Wow and Lil Wayne. She has shared stories about them in the past, but this one caught listeners by surprise.

“Wayne and Bow are my two boyfriends and they’re gonna be calling at three o’clock in the morning,” she said. “Wayne had the house number. Mind you, I have my kid, my husband has his kid. We have kids! And by the way, it’s my house that I pay for, I pay all the bills, everybody is dependent on me, I’m the boss b*tch, you don’t pay for nothing.”

She recalled when she told her husband that she was leaving so she told him he needed to move his car. “I remember one particular night, I was in my car, I was backing out of the driveway, he moved his car into the street and then he gave me a kiss goodbye.” She told him that she would be home in two or three days because she was spending time with one of her “boyfriends.”

“And then I would go home to my husband. He would have my dinner waiting, my bathwater ran… And with like a glass of wine,” said Steffans. She claimed her husband would also ask if she “had fun.” The reactions to this have been plentiful, so check out the clip for yourself below.


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