Ent. News: Kanye West Drives Kids To School In A Fire Truck

Kanye west

Kanye west

Kanye West Drives Kids To School In A Fire Truck…..

Kanye got a fire truck to prove that he’s “super dad.”

Even those living under a rock have probably heard about Kanye West‘s familial drama. Details from his and Kim Kardashian’s relationship keep rolling out. Recently, Kim claimed that Kanye offered to quit music altogether to become her stylist. Kanye has purchased a home near his ex-wife-to-be, although it seems like he hasn’t moved in yet. Furthermore, the rapper has been consistently discussing his family issues in much of his new music, including on Pusha T’s “It’s Almost Dry.”

Now, new footage has been released showing Kanye pulling out all the stops for his kids. In a clip from a new episode of The Kardashians, Kanye presented his children with a firetruck to drive them to school in.

In the scene, Kanye explained his reasoning. “I think sometimes people are kinda bashful to be superdads,” he said. “Everyone wants to be a cool dad and sometimes you gotta wear the fire hat. Sometimes you gotta wear the Easter Bunny costume.” Even Kim was impressed, saying, “Guys, is this not the coolest thing ever? I don’t think anyone has ever done this before ever.”

North, Saint, and Chicago all took turns honking horns in the driver’s seat, and tried on Hollywood Fire Department helmets. It definitely looked like the kids appreciated their dad’s over-the-top gesture.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all is well for the Kardashian/West family. The couple are still in the process of getting a divorce, and it seems like there is still some bad blood between the two parents. Kanye walked out of Kim’s Saturday Night Live monologue, and recently Kim detailed an experience where Kanye mocked her outfit, saying she looked like Marge Simpson.

At least throughout the ugliness, it appears both Kim and Kanye still care deeply about their children’s happiness. Check out the clip from The Kardashians below.



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