Ent. News: Chrisean Rock Smokes Blunt While Pregnant


Chrisean Rock Smokes Blunt While Pregnant

Chrisean Rock’s pregnancy’s been highly debated, but recent footage of her smoking a blunt should make the conversation much tougher to have. Moreover, a video surfaced on social media of her with a blunt between her fingers while sitting shotgun in a parked car. After rolling the window down and up, Chrisean turns, brings the blunt close to her face, and presumably smokes despite being pregnant. In the backseat, as the video shows, Blueface sat calmly as they listened to blaring hip-hop in their vehicle. However, the video doesn’t show Rock explicitly bringing it to her lips, inhaling, and puffing smoke out, so maybe she has a chance to deny she smoked from it.

As of writing this article, the reality TV star’s made no such response. Meanwhile, people expressed a lot of concern for her in the comments section. The only reason why her pregnancy fell under scrutiny is because of Blueface’s claims, so many felt that people shouldn’t defend her behavior as much and believe her story. After all, even more people said that it’s fine to smoke while pregnant, and that they know people who were just fine.

Regardless, it seemed like quite the back and forth online. “I know so many women who has smoked during their pregnancy with their doctors aware. Baby just fine,” one user wrote. Another commented, “So yall really know people who smoke weed while pregnant and yall never said anything to them???? That is sad and insane….” Wherever you land on that spectrum, it certainly makes the gossip around whether she’s expecting more interesting, if you buy into it in the first place. Still, she seems dead set on having her child, as she recently clapped back at trolls saying she should take Blueface’s $100K offer for an abortion.

Despite all this debate, a similar argument came up when a video surfaced of Rock drinking at a Miami club. “Is she pregnant or not or is she drinking while pregnant I’m confused now,” her rapper boyfriend from California tweeted. “I’ve only seen her pee on a stick once I tried not to think about it since then but it’s haunting me fr.” Many see these as exaggerated digs at her, but it’s undeniable that she doesn’t make the claims easy to fight. For more on Chrisean Rock, check back in with 450base.



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