Causes Of Chemical pollution In The Environment

Chemical pollution

Chemical Pollution

Causes Of Chemical pollution In The Environment….

Chemical pollution occurs when chemicals from human activities enter the environment, thus containing air, water and soil.

Source of chemical pollution
Agricultural source: pesticides sprayed to protect crops, chemical LA sprayed on the pens and excessive use of fertilizers.

Transportation: Emission of carbon dioxides (Co2) from cars, aeroplanes, buses and other conveyances as they burn fossil fuel in the form of petroleum.

Household chemicals: Regular household cleaning product, e.g, detergent, disinfectant, insecticide etc.

Industries And Factories: Metals and solvents from industrial process and a large amount of hydrocarbons from factories.

Control Of Chemical Pollution
Chemical Pollution Can Be Controlled If:
1. The Factories do not discharge their waste products into the rivers.

2. The Factories do not release poisonous gases into the air.
3. Their are laws that disallow smoking in Public.
4. Vehicles are Regularly serviced to avoid releasing smoke into the air.


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